Sunday, 1 July 2012

Columbia Road

I've been super busy these past few weeks. Lots of pots to make for various orders. Here are some drying in the studio.

Today I delivered some work to the Columbia Road Gallery on Columbia Road, Hackney in London. I fancied going along on a Sunday as that's the day the street is transformed into a flower market. It's a bit crazy but an incredible site to see. Dozens and dozens of plant and flower stalls line the narrow road; the barrow boys chanting "everythin' a fiver!" People squeezing onto buses with armfuls of peonies, and attempting to cram 10-foot banana trees into taxis. There are lovely independent shops of all descriptions along each side, antiques and vintage clothing, cafes, bakeries, skiffle bands. Every inch of space utilised; take away food stalls crammed into stairwells and galleries popping up in corridors. 

Here's the Columbia Road Gallery which is run by hannah Ludnow.

After I had off loaded my pots I thought I deserved a visit next door to Beyond Fabrics, and chose some fabric for a skirt.

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