Sunday, 26 September 2010

a winter balaclava

This balaclava is an attempt at making a hat that Betty won't immediately tear off. It seems to work! The pattern can be found here.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

space baby!

I've finished another sleep sack for Betty. A winter one this time. I love this space baby material. I just used a fat quarters worth for this, with some star fabric for the rest. I think it's got a kind of Wonder Woman vibe!

The first sleep sack I made was this toadstool one. Betty had reached the end of her 0-6 month one, so, inspired by some homemade ones I'd seen on flickr, I drew round it, making it slightly wider and a fair bit longer, and ran it up in no time. She's been in it all summer long. The new space babies one is warmer.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

tunic top

I made this top a few weeks ago and have worn it pretty much non stop ever since. It's pattern H from Stylish Dress Book volume 2. My first attempt in sewing for myself in quite a while. I bought the lovely material from Cloth House on Berwick Street, London. It's an Ikat woven cotton from India. I went back to buy some more but sadly it was all gone. I'd love to find some more Ikat cotton, but it seems there's not much out there that's not silk. Despite being in Japanese, the pattern was fairly simple to follow from looking at the diagrams, and by using the translation sheets included with the book. I'm not sure I did the neck slit exactly as the diagram showed, but it's worked out just fine. I bought the book from M is For Make, where you will find many others in the series as well as lots of lovely fabrics. Kate who runs M Is For Make is holding a first anniversary Sew-Along competition, into which I've entered my top. You can see all the other amazing entries and cast your vote over the following week here. I'm very impressed by the frilly pants, the tunic by Susan and the cushion by Karen. Who shall I vote for?!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

birdie pinafore

After coming to terms with the fact that I will never again be able to fit into one of my favourite skirts, I decided it should be reincarnated as a pinafore dress for Betty. I just managed to squeeze from the available fabric New Look pattern 6576.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


It's not been a great summer in the allotment. At least this year I have a legitimate excuse. I did manage to dig over parts of it last autumn, but had to stop at 7 months pregnant due to dodgy hips. And of course this year I've had a baby to contend with. I had a naive idea that I would be pottering around up there with Betty happily rolling around on a blanket. I didn't think about the ants, the scorching sun, the fact that as soon I was elbow deep in mud she'd need a feed. Everything is a bit parched and wind blown. Still, I nipped up today for an hour of tidying, and picked a bit for dinner. LOADS of cucumbers; Betty's favourite.

preparations for a sewing frenzy

I've just washed the Indian fabric I bought at Cloth House on Berwick Street in London's Soho. The very helpful shop girl suggested washing them separately with a handful of salt to fix the colours. And what amazing colours! My garden is looking very Hare Krishna at the moment. There were at least two dozen different shades in the shop, but I plumped for these ones and some contrasting trim, with the intention of making little B some dresses and tops. Just need to find some time. (And energy).