Sunday, 11 December 2011

windy winterland evening

I spent a really enjoyable evening at Windy Corner Stores on Friday for their Christmas market.

Here we are setting up our wares.

Lots of lovely things on display... This is work from the Print Block artists...

... and this is Karen Boatwright's wonderful display. She has a great etsy shop...

... and these are Hiroko's beautifully embroidered necklaces...

... and this is what I came away with... a lavender bag kitten, (which I suspect is vintage Tammis Keefe fabric) and a crow painting, all from Karen Boatwright.


  1. nice , we love the windy corner,shame I missed the christmas market

  2. Oh Vicky, I've only just discovered your lovely blog through looking at Kay's! Many thanks for the lovely include, maybe we need a hot chocolate meet at Windy someday soon?

    K x