Tuesday, 20 December 2011

origami flower ball

We've all been laid low with colds this week. To make the most of being trapped indoors during this frosty spell, I got stuck into a bit of origami.

This is an origami flower ball and the instructions are from here. I've made it as a Christmas/first Wedding Anniversary present for two dear friends. They we're married last Christmas in Vegas and honeymooned on the Californian coast. I've used a map of California I had from an amazing trip there five years ago. I've been getting distracted from all the cutting and folding by pouring over it and remembering our adventures on the lovely Big Sur coastline.

There's a lot of work involved in making this. Each flower is made from five folded petals, and twelve flowers make the ball.


  1. this is gorgeous, you have inspired me to dig out my papercraft books today, thank you!

  2. that is so beautiful. I'm totally inspired to make one....maybe out of some of my old Sunset magazines

  3. so pretty , guess not easy to make