Monday, 1 November 2010


I've been popping out these Christmas baubles in anticipation of our Handmade Market at the Fish Slab Gallery the week before Christmas.

They are fairly easy to make....

*Firstly wind a tight ball of wool. (must be 100%wool).
*Then cover with 'wool tops' so that none of the wound wool is showing through. There's a great selection of wool tops colours available from
*Stuff the balls into a leg of old nylon tights, tying between each ball.
*Machine wash with a teaspoon of detergent on a hot wash. I did 90 degrees c.

They come out tightly felted and shrunk by approximately one third.

I've not done much embroidery before, but taught myself a French Knot and have been decorating with simple contrasting colours.


  1. these are gorgeous Vicky! I must try this out.

  2. Beautiful and it looks relatively easy!

  3. These are just lovely! I might have a go as I have a bit of 'wool tops' (I didnt know it was called that!) and loads of oddments of wool in my stash.

  4. I found your blog via M is for make they are just wonderful

  5. These are beautiful! Please excuse my ignorance but how on earth do you make the french knot on the surface like that? Where does the end of the thread wind up?!

  6. Hi KJ,
    I draw the thread through the ball leaving a long tail at one end and with the other, make a french knot, wrapping the thread round the needle twice and holding it taught. Then the needle goes back in near the knot and immediately back out where the next knot is to be. Hold down the wound thread as you draw the thread through to keep the knot close to the surface. The long tail end can be threaded up and used similarly. Once you get to the end of the thread, poke it right through the centre of the ball and out the other side, snipping it close. Hope this makes sense!