Friday, 1 February 2013

a jacket for Nancy Boy

In a previous post I wrote about the cardigan I was knitting for the birth of my friend's imminent baby girl. I was swapping it for some timber he had going spare. They had picked out the name Nancy for her and had gathered a pile of lovely clothes and nursery things. Well, a healthy bouncing baby was born, but shock of shocks it was a boy! I wonder how often that happens?! The green and pink cardi was just not quite right, so I made this lovely kimono-style jacket instead.

The pattern is called Temari and is from the Scrumptious Baby Collection book by Fyberspates. Lots of other lovely patterns in there to knit too. The yarn is Austermann Merino 60.

It took them a couple of weeks to come up with the name Eben. He's ever so sweet and incredibly good natured.

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