Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Open for business!

We are open!

What fun, setting up shop with three such lovely girls!

 Looking forward to our private view on Friday evening!


  1. that all looks really good! Have a great night on Friday.

  2. Looking good! have a great opening.

  3. It looks lovely. Hope it goes well on the Friday.

  4. IS this you? I saw this the other day but didn't pop in as car park was running out... I shall have to stop by, it looks so pretty!

    1. I think you probably saw Marti's lovely shop. She was there last week. As it's a pop up gallery/shop it changes weekly. (It's a vintage travel poster shop at the moment). I was there in August. I'm doing Artists' Open Houses now though...
      Just discovered your blog. Really enjoying looking back through it... used to work in Canterbury Wholefoods cafe... can't quite bring myself to go back as a customer though... blood pressure rising just thinking about it! x