Wednesday, 11 May 2011

new knickers!

I have been lusting after the liberty print knickers (below) from the Brora catalogue for a while now. Trouble is, they are £19 a pair, and I wouldn't just want one, I'd want half a dozen! Way out of my league. So from rendering walls one day to sewing knickers the next, I thought I'd have a go!

Ta da!

Here's how I did it....

(I am no sewing expert, so excuse the lay person terms).

*Buy cheap pair of cotton knickers in non stretchy fabric. These are from Topshop.
*Deconstruct them by removing elastic and unpicking side and crotch seams.

*Lay out flat on paper and draw around for pattern.

*Cut pattern from chosen Liberty fabric.
*Join front to back at crotch, incorporating crotch piece so seam is hidden inside. (Lay knicker front right side facing up. On top of this lay knicker back right side facing down. On top of this lay crotch piece right side facing down. Line up edges and sew).
*Overlock the opposite edge of the crotch piece.
*Sew side seams together and overlock edges.

*Fold over edges and attach elastic to waist and leg openings using a zig zag stitch and stretching it as it goes through the machine.
*Congratulate yourself and pop them on!

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